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How To Setup And Track Quickbooks Sales Tax?

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QuickBooks Sales Tax helps to manage Sales Tax tasks by reporting, collecting and paying sales tax. With this program users can add multiple tax rates along with combined rates and can view sales tax liability reports that can be easily customized as per agency, date and more. This helps to view all sales tax payments that have been recently made. With such a great utility many of the business people like to have this software. But, some users find trouble in its’ setting and tracking QuickBooks Sales Tax for which one can call helpline support number for QuickBooks Sales Tax so that they can use this software with no hassle.

This Sales Tax program can be used through its app that makes you have an easy access to its complete activities from any part of the world. To get an app for this program one can dial a toll-free customer help tech support number for QuickBooks app. But, before an app installation, you need to setup Sales Tax software of QuickBooks for its’ different activities. In order to do this in an easy way, you can go through the procedure shown in this post.

Default customer sales tax rate

• First, click on Taxes and then click on sales tax.

• Now, click on Settings of Edit Sales Tax.

• Now, choose Yes when you take the charges for sales tax.

• Choose Default Sales tax to fix the default tax rate to be used as a company default tax rate.

• You can also choose ‘to mark all new products and services taxable’ to change the rate of tax.

• If you want to have tax from every new customer, then choose ‘Mark all new customers taxable’. Here, you can also change the status as per your need.

• Select ‘No’ when you do not charge ant tax.

This is primary settings for your QuickBooks Sales Tax software. You can have many other settings like:

• The process to add single tax rate.

• Adding multiple tax rates.

• Editing a tax name and rate.

• Deactivating a tax name.

You can obtain all these services with QuickBooks technical support to have great benefits of your Sales Tax program of QuickBooks. You can have much more other services concerning to your QuickBooks software to have proper growth of your business at large extent with their well trained and highly advanced professionals.

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