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How To Resolve Windows 10 Black Screen Issues?

Windows 10 Blue And Black Screen Issues Tech Support

While using Windows 10 lots of bugs appear in front of users. Most of its issues have been resolved with Windows 10 latest update. But, there are still some users who recently upgraded their Windows OS. After upgrading issues are natural as you are not perfectly aware of its complete features. So, there are some scenarios in which you may need to have customer support number for Windows 10 issues. Black screen issue is also one of them that happen when you log into your system and another when you are not able to sign into your system. In both of these situations, users get back screen in front of them.

This Black Screen issue is too annoying as it completely makes the users unable to view their desktop icon. It may occur due to trouble in an external device like mouse or printer. It may be due to outdated display drivers. This issue can be fixed with a toll-free tech support number for Windows 10 blue and black screen issues. You may also go through the fixes shown in this post. Let’s go through that:

•    Download scan and repair tool for finding the actual error of causing this issue.

•    Now click on ‘start repair’ to fix all issues.

•    Now, check external devices connected with your system. For doing this just go through the procedure as shown below:

  • Unplug devices connected with your system.
  • Restart your system.
  • If your black screen disappears, then check one by one which device is causing the problem.
  • Once you recognize the device, install the updated driver for that.

•    With Device Manager update display driver for which you can follow the process as shown below:

  • Press ‘Windows and K’ key together and then click on Device Manager.
  • Now, you need to expand your display adaptor.
  • Now, choose update driver software by making right click on ‘Update Driver Software’.
  • Restart your system and check whether the black screen is still occurring or not.

•    Do networking with safe mode

  • Boot your system with safe mode.
  • Now, press ‘Windows and C’ together.
  • Now, with settings you need to change the PC settings.
  • With ‘update and recovery’ make a click on Windows update.
  • Now, check for updates and click on updates to install.
  • Now, click on updates that you need to install.

With all these above procedures, you can easily get rid of Black Screen issues successfully. However, if the issue still going on with your system then you need to have some experts’ assistance with Windows technical support number.

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