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How To Resolve Quickbooks PDF Issues?

QuickBooks Technical Support for Printing Issue

QuickBooks is known as one of the well-known accounting software of Intuit that is helping business owners in a great way for managing their overall accounting activities. But, with its great utilities users have reported many issues with it. QuickBooks users are still incapable of getting complete benefits of QuickBooks software. Some users have recently reported for PDF issue which is further creating printing problem. But, these issues can be easily resolved by taking the tech support for QuickBooks printing issues from a reliable tech support providing company.

There are many reasons due to which users are getting this PDF issue. To resolve this, you can simply take online technical support for QuickBooks accounting software or you can also go with this post. So let’s go through this article post to know about different conditions and solutions of QuickBooks PDF issues. Let’s go through that conditions and solutions:

QuickBooks hangs while saving its invoice to PDF

Here, you need to go to the link of printer and then need to check the registry value for ‘Generated File’ and ‘Filename’.

  • the file is already present in your system then you need to delete that.
  • file is unable to get deleted then you need to restart the spooler or need to reboot your system.
  • Remove pending print jobs from your printer.

Error code-20 appears while saving invoice to PDF

This error occurs after upgrading the version of Windows or QuickBooks. Here, you need to fix registry security settings or by making the clean installation of Windows or QuickBooks. Read more about the performance problem in QuickBooks at

Error code-30 comes out while saving invoice to PDF

  • Here, you need to the issues with security settings in your registry.
  • Remove print jobs which are pending.
  • Delete printer driver and close QuickBooks, and then reboot your system.
  • Now, update PDF printer of QuickBooks to with the access of Windows update.
  • In About box of the printer, check for right version of the printer driver.
  • Now, copy the link to the Intuit QuickBooks folder.

Error code-41comes out while saving invoice to PDF

This error specifies that you’re current QuickBooks version is not matching with the current version of PDF printer driver, and you need to clear printer driver, and then need to reboot your system.

Thus, by resolving these errors you can easily determine all the PDF issues that you face while using your QuickBooks software. However, if you want to have more information and solution for QuickBooks PDF issues then you can dial toll-free QuickBooks technical support number. For more information visit here

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