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How To Resolve Multi-Users Bugs With Quickbooks Enterprise 2015?

QuickBooks enterprise technical help

QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the significant advancement of QuickBooks that flexibly manage multiple users, inventory workflows, locations, or a large number of transaction data. QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 is one of the important versions of accounting software which is still in used by a large number of people even with the introduction of latest version 2016. While using Enterprise 2015 many users reported for multi-users bugs in which Data Base manager loses company file management state. This compelled the users to frequently call on a toll-free number to have a QuickBooks Enterprise technical help to find an immediate solution.

With these multi-users bugs, connectivity with server frequently gets disconnected and sometimes it also happens that workstation gets connected to sever but becomes unable to find the server on Ethernet adapter. These troubles completely make you unable to access your QuickBooks software. Thus, in this situation, you can call on a technical support helpline number for QuickBooks through which you can acquire a special support for Enterprise software. However, you can also go through the process as mentioned below to fix multi-users bugs.

Procedure to fix multi-users bugs:

• First, go to QBW company file and create desktop items for all users. Here, you should use UNC-style path than a drive letter style.

• Now, disable Ethernet adapter on the server and configure it properly to resolve the name of a server.

• Now, mark for QB Services to start automatically on your server.

• Edit the files of .ND and .DNS with accurate IP address by replacing the IP address associated with your second Ethernet adapter.

• Now, you need to reboot your server.

• Now, again run the QuickBooks Data Base manager and scan the folder.

• Use your first workstation to run your software as admin by making the verification that multi-user running mode is on and check marked.

• Now, press F2 to have the verification of IP address.

After going through all these steps if you find H202 error then you should immediately fix it otherwise, it could badly corrupt your .ND/.DSN. And, if all these things do not perfectly resolve your problem, then you need to dial a toll-free number of QuickBooks support number to have a perfect resolution of issues that you are facing as multi-users bugs. With these experts, you are not only going to have a solution but also going to have varied suggestions to keep most of the trouble away from your accounting software. Read more at

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