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How to Remove Pop-Up as “Windows Virus Warning”?

Technical Customer support for Windows Pop-up Virus Removal

“Windows Virus Warning” is actually a pop-up which supposed to be a legal warning for valid programs. But, in reality it is a fake website that tries to cheat the users. It shows the users fake alerts and warning encouraging them to call on that number and get their technical support. It is created only to scam computer users and steal their money through deceitful transactions.

While using the browser you get the Pop-up window showing you attractive services and when you click to close that, it appears with new Pop-up window as “Windows Virus Warning”. It is really too annoying, better you have the online customer support for Windows pop-up virus removal to have the quick resolution of these issues. To get rid of these issues you can also go through the procedure shown below:

“Windows Virus Removal” removal process

  1. Remove Virus and Rootkit from your system

With the help of virus and rookit tool you can easily detect and scan any type of virus as well as malware. You can download Sophos virus removal software and after installation, scan your system for Rootkit or virus. Read more about How to Remove Windows Update Virus visit here

  1. Use  AdwCleaner software

Download this AdwCleaner software and close the entire running program on your system. Run this software to search the existence of plug-ins, harmful programs, add-ons or any other harmful data that is linked with “Windows Virus Warning”. Now delete all these detected items and, then finally uninstall this software.

  1. Clean up your browser

Download Avast Browser Cleanup and run it to perform cleanup test on browser. If error found, then you will get a button as ‘Remove all add-ons listed below and cleanup browser’. This will make you to delete all add-ons present in your browser.

  1. Another method to clean up the browsers

You can reset Google Chrome as default settings to remove these unwanted extensions. To have this you can go through the steps as below:

  • Open Google chrome Internet browser.
  • Click on three –bar icon Menu.
  • Now, click on settings.
  • Now, click on ‘show advanced settings’.
  • Now, click on ‘Reset browser settings’.
  • Restart Google Chrome after closing the existing tab.

You can also call on tech customer support for Windows update issues, so that they can update your Windows. It happens that when Windows is not upgraded, then you get different problem as the Pop-ups on your system.

Thus, all the suggestions show here in this article are surely going to help you to keep your system safe and secure. For more information about How to Remove Popup Ads and Adware from Microsoft Edge Windows 10 visit

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