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How to make a Payment in QuickBooks with the help of proadvisor

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The mainstream of companies makes use of an accounts payable system which helps them in paying bills. This simply means that they do not pay their bills as soon as they receive them and they can wait until an explicit time of the month. The period in-between, however, they keep a record of their bills so that there is a record of every activity done by them when it comes time to pay it.

If you are using QuickBooks for your accounts payable system, then you can record your bills as soon as you receive them. If you are experiencing any sort of issue in recording or paying bills, then you can take help from QuickBooks ProAdvisor support phone number by dialing their toll-free number and get instant solutions accordingly.

The Pay Bills part in QuickBooks accounting software offers numerous options to make a payment to a vendor and revise the payment details. After you finish a payment process in your accounting software QuickBooks, you can view the payment in the program’s Accounts Payable register.

Payment account

· Simply, select the bank account or credit card account to record the bill payments from.

· After this, enter the date, enter the starting check number. You can also state an online payment in this field3. Select the Print later checkbox to add checks to a print queue4.

· In case you have locations turned on your device you can also use a filter to view a customized set of bills on a single page.

· After this, View bills in a custom date range or all dates, from a single vendor or all vendors, overdue only, and by location.

· In case you sort by Payee, Ref No., or Open Balance, the secondary sort is Due Date. If you sort by Due Date, the secondary sort is Payee.

· Tap the gear to opt for how many rows to view on a page.

· By applying the above-mentioned steps if you are not able to make a Payment in QuickBooks, then you can take assistance for quickbooks help and get instant answers from the experts.

There are various ways for you to record the bill payments:

· You can save your records of payments and return to the Pay Bills page.

· You can save and close your record of payments and close the Pay Bills page.

· You can save and print: record payments and go to the Print Checks page.

For more details and methods you can contact a reliable third party technical support providing company and get instantaneous solutions from experts technicians right away.

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