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How To Login In To Yahoo Or Outlook Account With Gmail?

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Email has become an immense part of making communication, no matter whether it’s your personal and professional communication. Every communication made with it is fast and simple to manage. Today, you can find many of the emailing applications, such as Yahoo and Outlook, which are running and many users have their important email account on these email applications. Among all these email applications, Gmail is the most latest and the relevant email program, because of its amazing features. With its great features, other email users also wanted to have the access of their email account with this Gmail. This is easily possible with the new feature Gmailify that can be easily linked to other emailing application with the help of a Windows Outlook helpline number.

With this great Gmailify feature, non-Gmail users can easily log in to Gmail account with their Yahoo or Outlook account and complete Gmail features, like spam protection, Google now, and inbox organization, even with these non Gmail account. This Gmailify feature only works through its android Gmail apps or on the web, and is limited only to the emailing programs like Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail. Though, Google is trying to add more emailing program with this great feature.  Let’s know to use this Gmailify of Google:

How to use Gmailify?

  • First, you need to create a Gmail account to link with it.
  • Sign in to this Gmail account and then, enable Gmailify.
  • Now, you need to login to your non-Gmail account with the help of the Gmail mobile app or with the link
  • Now, go to the settings panel and click on “link accounts”.
  • Google will reply you that your complete mail will be arranged in to its promotions, social and update categories.
  • You will find your hotel and travel information to get sorted in Google.
  • You can also unlink these accounts as per your requirements.
  • You can also have the Gmail phone help desk to link your non- Gmail account with Gmailify, without any hassle.

This way, you can experience all the important Gmail features even with the third party email account and could enjoy the Gmail features. If you find trouble in this procedure, then you can also have the Gmail technical support to overcome all the possible issues. Their technical experts will make you able to access your non-Gmail account with your Google account, and thus you can easily get the access of your Yahoo and Outlook account with stunning Gmail features. See also: Ways to Resolve Common Outlook Problems

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