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How To Install Macos Sierra Beta And Mac OS X EI Capitan?

Mac OS X Update Support

Apple latest operating system macOS Sierra is the major upcoming 13th release which is now available as Public Beta among the users. There are many Mac users who are elated for this new Mac OS X and want to use this as Public Beta to have experience of this OS X. Thus, with this article, you will have a technical support number for Mac OS X update to know that how you will be able to install macOS Sierra on your Mac. Also read the article How to Remove Virus from Apple Mac OS X

Before moving ahead with the installation procedure you need to create back up of your Mac with the help of Time machine. Now, you just need to go through the steps as shown below to install macOS Sierra Public Beta.

Follow the instruction to install Beta:

  • Once you have created the backup of your Mac, then you can go to the site of Apple’s Beta programs to register your Mac.
  • Now, click on Redeem Code to have Mac App Store.
  • Now, click for download. You will see a download progress in purchases tab.
  • After finishing of downloading, you will get an installer launch. Go through the instruction shown here to complete Public Beta installation.

Now, you need to install macOS Sierra Developer Preview for which you need to sign in to Apple Developers Program. From here you can download the Developer preview of macOS Sierra. Now, you can also install it on an external hard drive with the support of Mac technical experts.

After going through all the above procedure, you must be willing to install OS X EI Capitan on your Mac for which you can either have a tech phone support number for OS X El Capitan or you may also go through the process as shown below.

Instructions to install OS X EI Capitan on your Mac:

  • Here, you first need to click on the Apple icon and, then need to choose the Apple Store which will make you to open Mac App Store.
  • Now, you need to click on Mac App store and, then need to click on updates.
  • Now, you will see EI Capitan for download.
  • Before going through the downloading process you need to check for some requirement in your Mac for which you can consult Mac technical experts.
  • If everything is ok, then you can start download and installation of OS X EI Capitan.

With all the above procedure, you can easily experienced macOS Sierra Beta Public version and could again install your OS X EI Capitan on your Mac. However, if you find any trouble then you can call on a toll-free Mac technical support number. After installation of OS X El Capitan you can face some common issues, read the article for more details

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