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How To Install Mac Os Sierra On Your Mac Os X Ei Capitan?

OS X El Capitan technical helpline number

MacOS Sierra finally released on 20th September 2016 and now everyone is looking to upgrade their Mac OS X with this latest operating system. Though many users have successfully upgraded their Mac OS X, but at the same time there are some users who find trouble in upgrading or installation of macOS Sierra. If you are also the one who is getting trouble in updating Mac OS X EI Capitan and looking for an error-free solution point, then you can dial an online tech support number for OS X El Capitan to have perfect support to have macOS Sierra.

However, if you find trouble in updating your Mac OS X EI Capitan, you should instant look for a perfect solution point with Mac technical expert so that you can have a technical phone help for Mac OS X update. Another option for solution is possible with this article. You can go through the solution procedure shown in this post to have an instant resolution for OS X EI upgrade. So, let’s go through that:

Prepare your Mac for Mac OS Sierra update

Before executing any big update, you required to do a certain activity to have a make your Mac OS X ready for update.

  • Create backup before installation

First, you need to connect an external hard drive to your Mac.

An, alert will appear asking you to use your drive to create backup.

You may also choose System Preferences >Time machine and choose Backup disk.

Turn ON your Time machine.

You will find a progress in system preferences pane.

After successful backup, you are ready for installation.

Instruction for macOS Sierra Installation

  • Once you have created the backup, then you need to start your App store and need to search for macOS Sierra.
  • Click on download to start download and fill all information for Apple ID. You will find download progresses in your purchases tab.
  • Once download is complete, then you will find a macOS Sierra installer launch. Here, you need to follow the onscreen instructions to finish software update installation.
  • It may take a minimum time of around half an hour. This time may increase depending on your system features.

So, this way you can easily make a proper configuration for your system. However, if you find any kind of other troubles, then you can dial an Apple technical support number to have an error-free installation for Mac OS X.

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