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How To Have Perfect Networking With Quickbooks Enterprises 2016?

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QuickBooks Enterprises 2016 is the latest release of Intuit that consists of various latest optimized features of the existing Intuit QuickBooks Enterprises 2015, such as bill tracking, batch transaction, regular feed label printer support, void transaction etc. With such a great optimized features, users wish to setup perfect network with it so that they can have the complete benefits of it, with maximum number of users. To do this, you can either consult QuickBooks phone tech support for Enterprises or you can also go through this article post.

To do this, you first need to setup multiple users and after you have completed the setup of multiple users; you need to install QuickBooks software on other personal computers. Considering all these personal computers, you need to create a Windows network. Now, with the use of other copies of QuickBooks, you need to access QuickBooks data file which is stored in your primary computer.

Now, to use your QuickBooks with perfect networking, you need to go to the File from where you need to choose the Multi-User Mode Command. With this, you can simultaneously use accounting software with multiple users. With the ‘record locking’ technology users can lock the data which they are using, but not the complete data present there. This makes you to work with the same customer data at a time

Now, know about the types of network that you can possibly setup with QuickBooks Enterprises and to setup these networks, you can also have tech phone support for QuickBooks accounting software. Let’s know about the network to be setup with QuickBooks Enterprises:

Local Windows networks

To allow multiple users at a time with accounting software, its dedicated computer must run Data Server of QuickBooks and store the company files as ‘host’. Accounting software is designed either for dedicated QuickBooks server hosting network configuration or Peer-to –peer network configuration. So a client- server network based on dedicated QuickBooks server hosting is the best one. This is best to setup large network.

Peer-to-peer Networks

Many small business holders do not have networks with the use of Domains or File Servers, as they have various workstations which are connected together as Peer-to-peer networks. QuickBooks enterprises can run in such an environment. Here, workstations act as ‘host’ that run all companies files and the Database Server Applications of QuickBooks. If you want to know about the future of QuickBooks Enterprise read this article

With the help of information’s given in this article, you can easily setup the perfect network with Quick Enterprises 2016 and could manage it efficiently. Read more about Possible QuickBooks Enterprises Solution for Accounting Future

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