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How to Get the Stuff like Parallel Desktop, Windows 8.1, Visual Studio and Xamarin with MacBook Pro?

microsoft parallels for mac

Many of the MacBook pro users are looking to have most of the useful programs on their Mac, and thus want to get windows 8.1 Parallel Desktop with the Visual studio and Xamarin. So they could have the Visual video support on their Windows 8.1 and could also be able to use MacBook pro without any trouble. Many of the Mac users feel it too tricky. So they fail to do all owing to various reasons, but now you can be easily able to do it in a very easy way. This way, you can make possible by having the support for the MacBook Pro and by the process shown in this article.

1)- First of all, add the Parallels desktop software on your OS X as it will make you to have the Windows 8.1 installation on your Mac where you can also find the option to make it feel like the Windows 7. This is possible with the installation of the Stardock apps.

2)- Now to make the navigation on your Windows with the parallel desktop you need to install the update with the apps like:

  • Video studio professional 2013
  • Xamarin tools for Windows
  • Microsoft Office 2013

You must keep in mind that for the proper functioning of the visual studio you need to disable the Function Key Mapping as Mac do not allow it to run. Thus, with the keyboard tab checks for the boxes that allows using F1, F2, etc. as the standard function key. For this, you need to go to the Shortcut Tab>Mission Desktop>Uncheck show desktop>show dash board. This way you can have the entire function key on your Visual studio in Windows

3)- On the Mac OS X you need to install the following things as:

  • XCode from the Apple store
  • Xamarin tools for Mac

4)- After completing the installation processes you need to sign in to your Xamarin account and then required to link it to ensure that you can use able to use all the features with the Windows. You can also know varied ways for your Windows with the support of Microsoft Parallels for Mac.

5)- Now you are required to connect visual studio with Mac, so that you can prepare the host before creating Xamarin iOS projects.

6)- Make the configuration of the Visual studio tool bar so that you can access perfectly Xamarin iOS features in visual studio.

If you are looking for more parallel feature, then you can connect with the team of parallel experts to know more about the Parallel Desktop Windows 8.1 with visual studio on your MacBook Pro.

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