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How To Fix Quickbooks Warning Error Message?

Technical Support for QuickBooks the File Exists Error

QuickBooks business accounting software helps you get a full picture of your business performance. It helps you in an efficient manner with flawless execution, when it comes to viewing the business income and expenses, profit and loss, and much more on computer system screen. In addition, you can save your time by viewing vital notes about vendors, customers, and employees at one place.

But it may happen to have some sorts of technical glitches while using the software. There is a possibility to confront a strange QuickBooks error message on your computer system screen due to one or another reason – one of the error messages is “QuickBooks warning error message.”

If you receive the error message ‘The file you specified cannot be opened. Make sure that it is not currently being used by another program or a read-only file’ on your PC screen, then you quickly need to access technical support for QuickBooks script errors. You can easily get a faultless QuickBooks tech support, once you access a certified QuickBooks technician.

Cause of QuickBooks error message:

The error message takes place when the Windows OS is unable to install the updates downloaded by the accounting software. Sometimes, the issues with QuickBooks are largely prompted by the incompatibility with associated programs and operating systems.

And it requires you to address the issues, especially when you install any updates for the Windows OS. If the accounting software doesn’t meet the technological requirements, it starts displaying that the QB file doesn’t exist.

To get a certified technical support for QuickBooks the File Exists Error from a renowned third-party service provider, you need to dial a QuickBooks toll-free number and get an instant access to the best solution.

Let’s follow some measures for troubleshooting QuickBooks error message from the system:

Windows 8/Server 2012

  • First of all, ensure QuickBooks is properly closed.
  • You need to navigate to C:\Program Files\ through Windows Explorer.
  • Then, right hit on the Intuit folder.
  • Opt for Properties.
  • Hit the Security tab.
  • Simply click the Advanced button.
  • Make sure that the Users group is selected.
  • You need to take Ownership in case you don’t see USERS as the owner.
  • Now, In the Intuit folder properties window option, you need to hit the Edit button.
  • Choose users and make certain that Full Control has a check mark.
  • Then, you need to click Ok.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • First, make sure that QuickBooks is closed.
  • You need to navigate to C:\Program Files\.
  • Then right-click on the Intuit folder.
  • Opt for Properties.
  • Hit the Security tab.
  • Then click the Advanced button.
  • Hit the Owner tab.
  • Now, ensure the Users group is chosen.
  • Just click in the Intuit folder properties window, and on the security tab option.
  • Choose users and confirm Full Control contain a check mark in it.
  • Hit Ok.

Windows XP

  • First of all, check that your QuickBooks is shut down.
  • And also be sure that your simple file sharing is disabled:
  • You need to navigate to C:\Program Files\.
  • Select Properties.
  • You need to click the Security tab.
  • Hit the Advanced button.
  • Just hit on Owner tab.
  • In the Current Owner field, you need to ensure the Users group is preferred.
  • Just hit the Edit button.
  • You need to select Users.
  • You need to hit Ok option for exiting the Intuit folder properties window.

In case you confront some technical issue in following the above-mentioned steps, you need to dial support phone number for QuickBooks error. The phone number will help you to provide the further QuickBooks tech support in a short duration of time.

Moreover, contacting a third party tech support providing company to fix the error issue will be an apt choice.

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