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How To Fix LSU Error Code For SCX-4521F Samsung Laser Printer?

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Samsung printer is globally known as best printing device not only because of its latest and innovative inbuilt technology but also due to the presence of many varieties of printers. Among all of its printers, its laser printer is most demanding one. While using the laser printer, printer users, sometimes, get the LSU error code in SCX-4521due to which they completely become unable to do printing. In this situation, users can have the immediate support with a technical support for Samsung printer.

This LSU is known as laser beam scanning unit which consists of very important unit of printer and without these components you cannot think of getting print of paper. There are many types LSU Error Code in SCX-4521F Samsung laser printer. With this article, you will know about the most common LSU error code along with their fixes. You can also consult printer experts by calling on a technical customer support for printer to find solutions without any delay. Read more at

Let’s know about the common LSU Error Code in SCX-4521F laser printer:

  1. Incompatibility issues error

For incompatibility issues, you need to check and confirm the features of the Samsung printer. You can also call on a printer support number to get quick solutions.

  1. Line error

With this error code, machine is unable to connect with remote machine because of the trouble with the phone line. In this condition, you need to wait for an hour and, then turn on the ECM mode to correct the error.

  1. Memory full error

Here, you need to clear unnecessary documents and split the transmission in to more than one operation. You may look for printer technical support from independent service provider.

  1. No answer error

This error happens when receiving fax machine has not answered after making several redials. Here, you need to check that receiving machine is operational or not.

  1. Operation not assigned error

In this case, jobs do not wait even after adding or canceling the operation. Here, you need to check the display that whether any job is scheduled or not and, then change the display mode in the standing mode.

With the above solution process, you can easily get rid of some of the error codes that happen with LSU in the Samsung printer. If you want to know more about the LSU error code and their solutions, then you need to connect with a team of printer technical support to get the perfect solutions and suggestions to keep your Samsung laser printer trouble away. Read more about How to Update Samsung Printer Driver Manually? at

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