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Have Wi-Fi Resolution With Apple Airport Router

technical helpline number for Apple router

As similar to another product of Apple AirPort router is also one of the important products of it for using Wi-Fi protocols. There are many versions of AirPort Wi-Fi router among which AirPort base station is the latest one. On updating this latest Wi-Fi version many users are getting trouble. This is because they are not perfectly aware of this latest router features. Users can have instant resolution with technical helpline number for Apple router.

However, here you will know about different issues and solutions that may happen while using AirPort router so that you can get resolved your issues yourself. If you fail to do so, then you can dial a toll-free number of an Apple customer support to have a solution with Apple technical expert. Let’s have a look at different issues and solution of router:

Users need to reset PRAM

Router updates usually make the users reset PRAM which is a small computer memory. To reset this PRAM you can follow the steps as shown below:

•    Shut down your system.

•    Now, press together Command, Option, P, and R together.

•    Now, turn on your Mac and then press and hold together Command, Option, P, and R together until you hear the startup sound after restarting your system.

•    Release all these keys

WAP encryption

WAP encryption is needed with AirPort device that provides Wi-Fi connection. It signifies that Apple AirPort should use any devices limited to its standard and should be able to use Wi-Fi or Ethernet Bridge. Here, an extreme card should compatible with 802.11g or WAP. To know about the compatibility of your AirPort card you can connect with a toll-free number of an Apple customer support.

Corrupted iCloud settings

While updating router iCloud is turned off to have a perfect installation of latest updates on your router.

Poor internet service

Internet provider would not have provided a good domain server name. Here you can use Open DNS to have a strong internet connection.

Remove infected website

If your particular website does not work, then it may be that your website would have the intrusion of a virus. Here you need to remove all infected websites.

These are some of the ways through which you can have a strong Wi-Fi connection with no trouble. If these methods do not work, then you can have some other ways or you may also connect with some advanced Apple technical experts. There are many other ways by adopting which you can have smooth and perfect Wi-Fi connection with AirPort. For more information visit here!

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