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Get Certification For Quickbooks With Proadvisor

Proadvisor technical support for QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the advanced bookkeeping software which is used by small and medium class business to manage complete business finance. With such a great importance in business, many users look for training and certification for QuickBooks, so that they can easily troubleshoot the common problems with the users of QuickBooks software. Seeing such a great demand for QuickBooks training, Intuit introduces a program as ProAdvisor though which users can have the certification with their software. For this certification a special support has been also provided to the users, as proadvisor phone helpline number for QuickBooks so that users can have complete information for training and certifications. Read more about How to make a Payment in QuickBooks with the help of proadvisor at

Here, with this article post, you will come to know how a QuickBooks user can have a certification and training for QuickBooks. So let’s go through the steps of getting a complete certification.

  1. First of all, you need to prepare yourself for the certification exam

Learn how you can prepare yourself for certification with the points as shown below.

  • You need to justify the need of certification

If you wish to train yourself to troubleshoot common problems of QuickBooks software, then it is useless because QuickBooks troubles don’t usually happen. If sometimes any of them happens, then you can have a online tech support and help for QuickBooks with their certified experts. Read more about Performance Problems in QuickBooks at

  • Have experience while working with QuickBooks

Intuit provides at least two years of time to gain experience concerning to the task done by QuickBooks software. So, as soon as you feel that you have gained all the essential skills, then you can appear for the certification exam

  • Know about the things to be expected in the exam

You can expect yourself to appear in various skills related to QuickBooks, such as:

  • Software settings
  • Functioning with different banks account
  • Data entries for sales and invoices
  • Receiving and depositing of payments
  • Paying and entering bills
  • Research for the certification suitable for you

Intuit offers different level of software certification with ProAdvisor and to know detail about it, you should call on a QuickBooks toll-free number and decide the best suitable training for you.

  1. Take the exam for certification
  • Go through various practices for exams which are available through Intuit programs.
  • Sign up to appear in exam

QuickBooks provides the certification through national Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB). So, you can have the online exam through Accountant Training and Testing center (ATTC).

  • Now finally appear in exam

Exam include 50 multiple choice questions and simulations and to pass the exam you should score at least 75% marks.

This way, after getting pass in exam you will become a certified technical expert of QuickBooks and could handle all the QuickBooks issues. You can also visit here for QuickBooks accounting software technical support

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