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Fix Mac Mini Optical Sound Issue

technical customer support for Mac mini

Mac mini is one of the innovative creations of Apple which is actually a small desktop with the affordable powerhouse that comprises of everything to make a user have same experience as Mac. Users only need to connect a display, mouse, and keyboard. Like the other Apple devices, users may also get trouble with Mac mini. So as a technical customer support for MacBook users also need to have support for Mac mini. From Apple forum, it has been observed that many users are facing the optical sound issue.

There could be many reasons for this sound issue. It may be because of the settings of optical audio output or because of improper settings of optical audio input. It may be also due some another issue with the devices through which you have connected your Mac mini. This issue can be resolved with a online technical phone support for Mac Mini. However, you can also go through this article post to have a perfect resolution of Mac sound issue. Let’s have a look at that:

Steps to resolve optical sound issues

• Go to the Apple menu and choose system preferences.

• Now, go to the hardware section and click on the sound option.

• Now, choose the sound effects tab. Go to the Play sound effects and make sure that you have selected preferred output device from a dropdown menu.

• Check for output volume and be sure that mute box is unchecked.

• Now, click on output tab and be sure that box net to the ‘Output volume’ is un-ticked.

• Close the dialog box of sounds.

• Click on Go, and then choose utilities.

• Make a click on Audio Mini setup.

• Now, from the sidebar choose Built-In Output.

• Click on Format and set it at 44100.0Hz. Try to play your MacBook at standard CD quality. Now, choose the next dropdown from 2ch to 16-bit integer which will make you have perfect CD quality sound.

• Finally, click on configure speakers to make sure that you have selected correct speaker

This way you can easily fix your optical sound issue with Mac mini in an easy way. However, if you find any kind of trouble while going through these procedures then you can dial a Mac technical support number to have a perfect resolution for any of the Mac mini issues. You can contact them at any moment to have proper functioning of your Mac mini.

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