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Fix All the Network Issues by Changing the Settings of Apple Airport Extreme

technical support for apple airport

Troubleshooting of the network connectivity issues can be tricky. There are varied reasons for the drop in the wireless network connectivity. As such, users have to face many sorts of issues with it and, sometimes, it may also happen that they have to lose the complete connection of the internet. In these circumstances you need to have the technical support for Apple Airport, so that you can quickly get sorted out the complete internet issues. However, you can resolve your network connectivity issues by going through the common causes along with their solution just given below.

Issues and fixes with the Apple Airport Extreme device you are using:

Forgot network password

If you have forgot your password, then you completely become unable to login in your network. In this condition, you either need to reset the router password or need to have the Apple customer support and help.

To reset the router, you need a straightened paper clip to keep pressing and holding the reset button for one second only, and then need to choose the Airport utility. Now click on the Airport, and then choose the Base station and then manual setup. Here, you need to enter the new password, and then click on the update to load the new setting.

Airport Extreme is not able to respond

It happens that you are unable to find the Airport and thus you are unable to setup the connection.

Here, you need to unplug and then plug-in. If it does not work, then you need to do the restore factory settings for which you just need to go through the process as shown below:

Press and hold the reset button for about five seconds

This will generate the new IP address

The base station will become public

Airport extreme sends the poor signal

For this, you need to keep the Airport in an open area means there should be very few obstructions, like wall, furniture, etc. You are also recommended to keep the Airport away from the cordless phones, microwaves and other sources like it that shows interference.

Antenna not working well

If you are again getting the weak network, then you need to replace the antenna to get the good network signals.

If all these suggestions do not help you, then you need to have Apple Airport experts’ assistance, so that without wasting your precious time you can have the solution of any type of Apple Airport Extreme network connectivity issues.

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