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Easy Fixes of Safari Crashing Issues on Your iOS and Mac

technical phone support for apple safari

Safari is a web browser which was developed by Apple for all the devices of Apple which is set as the default browser in its every device. This is an amazing search engine with many advance features that makes the users to have smooth browsing and surfing, but sometimes it may happens that users could get trouble while using it on varied devices of Mac. Many users usually complain of crashing of Safari on their iOS and Mac. In this situation you should have apple support phone number for Safari, so that you could have immediate solution without any trouble. Read more at Let’s see the things that happen due to crashing:

  • Safari app instantly get crashes to the home screen.
  • App store or iBook crashes after updating iOS 9.2.1.
  • Safari crashes just after you tap in the search bar.
  • Just after clicking on the URL safari crashes.

How to overcome this browser crashing issues?

You can easily overcome this crashing issues easily either by having an Online support for Apple or just by going through some simple steps shown in this post as below:

Resolve Safari crashing issues on your iOS

  • Use browsing with private mode

With the use of this private browsing mode you can have the smooth and fine browsing without any hassle.

  • Turn off Safari suggestion on your iOS 9, iOS 9.2.1, iOS 3

You should use the search bar of it, by turning off Safari suggestion. To disable it, you need to go through the steps as shown below:

  • Click on settings.
  • Now navigate Safari.
  • Turn off safari suggestions.
  • Disable your search engine suggestions.
  • Now restart your iPhone.

Resolve Safari issue on your Mac OS X

  • Open Safari browser.
  • Now go to the status bar and click on Safari.
  • Now here click on Preferences.
  • Now click on the search tab.
  • Go the Smart Search Field and Disable.
  • Now uncheck the box of “Include search engine suggestion” and to the box just below to it.

This above shown process for Safari crashing issues is really going to sort out your browser crashing issues. This way, you will be able to enjoy a smooth browsing without any crashing issues. Anyway, if you are still facing crashing issues, then you immediately need to call on a Safari technical support number to get the fast and perfect solution. Read more about Reasons of Safari Crashes

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