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Crack All the Kodak Printer Driver Issues Coming In Windows 10

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Kodak printer is one of the finest printing brands that are used all across the world. There are many of the users who prefer because of its strong, latest and innovative technology. Though its features are perfect yet, it is creating varied issues while using it after upgrading the current OS to the Windows OS. It may be that Kodak printer driver would be damaged or it may be incompatible with this upgraded Windows. In this situation you can call on the helpline number for Kodak printer or you can also, go through some tips and suggestion with the help of which you can have the solution.

· Manually updates the printer drivers

To update the printer driver you need to look for the driver updates for Windows 10. If you find any update then just download and install the required driver. If you did not find any update then you can download the latest version released by the manufacturer. After downloading the driver, you need to make the double click on the installer file for installing the driver. You can also follow another procedure shown as below:

o Open the control panel of the Windows 10 and click on the Control Panel

o Click on the Device manager.

o Now in the Device manager find the printer device that you want to update. To have the printer device, see a yellow mark just besides the device name.

o Just right click on the device name and then click on Update Driver Software.

o Now you will get the option as the “Search automatically for updated driver software” and click on it. Now follow the instruction to install it.

· Have Windows update for the new drivers

For Windows update of the new driver you can either have the printer help support to have the direct help with their printer technical team or you can also follow the steps as shown below:

o First click on the start menu and then click on the settings.

o Now in settings Windows, click on the Update and the security.

o Now click on the Windows Updates on the left pane.

o Click check for the updates and wait to get the latest update on your system.

o Now choose the driver that you want to install and then click OK and then click on Install updates.

In this way, you can resolve the Kodak printer driver update issues in Windows latest OS and can run your printer smoothly without any glitches. If you want to have more solution then you can connect with Kodak printer technical team, who all are just the complete printer solution, so you can connect them without thinking anything.

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