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Cortana In Windows 10--Enable The Voice Command By Following Procedure Of Set Up

Live technical help for Windows 10

Window10 is an advanced version of Windows operating system. It is successfully operating through the world. There are many features associated with Windows 10. Some of them were not in the previous versions and this makes the particular version of the operating system highly demanding.

Windows 10 is associated with user interface and revamped layout. Apart from these; one of the popular features is the voice assistant named Cortana. By the help of Cortana, you are in a position to set the reminders. You also have choice to take make online searches and take notes. You can launch applications and much more by the help of this voice assistant. Tech help for Windows 10 provides you whatever information you are interested in knowing about Cortana.

Cortana set up

You can tap on search box located by the side of the start menu. For the activation and use of Cortana, you have to go to search box because this is the place where both these processes related to Cortana can be done. By this, there shall be popping up of tab telling about the working of the voice assistant Cortana. It says as to why you require this and also what can Cortana do for you. After reading the information on Cortana, you can tap I am in. Tech phone support for Windows 10 Cortana is an operational number for any kind of information regarding this & is readily available.

Privacy terms

When you move to the privacy terms page, you can read the particular information and then click on I agree. You can affirm in case you are agreeing with the terms of use or satisfied. It is important to read terms in a careful manner so that you are in a position to understand as to what for the data is being used by Microsoft. It is important to read things properly before coming in agreement with privacy terms.

Enabling the voice command

The prompt screen shall tell you as to whether you want to enable the voice command Cortana feature or not. For enabling this particular feature, you have to tap on Yes and after that you can continue. By this feature, you are in a position to speak the commands and there is no need to click the Cortana search box initially. Now, you have the option to enter the nickname or name. Entering of name or nickname is important because Cortana calls you by that particular name. Enter the selected name or nickname and for confiramation, you can click on Use that. By using the step by step procedure for guidance, you can enable the voice command.

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