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Connect An Offline Brother Printer In An Easy Way

customer service for brothers printer,

Brother is known as the most prominent brand for manufacturing printer. It has a large number of users worldwide who are using Brother Printer due to its innovative and reliable technology. But, like the other technical devices Brother Printer may also create troubles for its users in which users may need to have customer service for Brother Printer to have an immediate solution.

While using the Brother Printer, users get the printer-related troubles in which they are unable to print their document, as their printer shows offline. However, this issue can be solved by adjusting the setting in printer, and if it does not solve your offline error, then you can go through the steps as shown in this article post. Just go through the steps:

  1. Click on the Start button, and then click on ‘Devices and printers’.
  2. Now, right click on the icon of Brother Printer, and further click on ‘see what is printing’.
  3. Now, at the top of the window click on Printer and see for the blue check mark just left to the ‘Use Printer Offline’. If blue check mark is present there, then click on the option ‘Use Printer Offline’ and remove this check mark. At this point you will find that your document starts getting print. However, if it does not happen so, then you can proceed to further steps.
  4. On your Brother printer press the power button and turn it off.
  5. Now, you need to disconnect the USB cable of printer with the USB port of your computer.
  6. Now, you need to turn on your Brother Printer.
  7. Now, again connect the USB port to USB cable on your system. If your document started printing, then your issue is resolve, otherwise you need to move to the next step or you can also have technical support for Brother Printer offline issue. See also
  8. Click on the Start button and click on the arrow just given right of the ‘Shut Down’, and then you need to click on ‘Restart’. The documents that were stopped earlier will start printing, just after restarting your system.

All these above steps are surely going to resolve Brother Printer offline issues. However, if you still finding trouble with your printer, then you need to have support with Brother Printer technical support number which is open throughout day and night to serve the printers users. Read more at

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