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Apple Mac Book Air Is Now Available With 8GB Ram

Support for Apple Mac Book Air Help

Apple is known for producing many of the innovative devices, among which it is also known well for producing Mac Book which is a portable computer. After 2011 Apple again came with Mac Book in 2015 with Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro. With the fastest processor and color, Apple has recently announced Mac Book Air e upgraded with 8GB RAM. Upgrading is now available for users at affordable rates. For upgrading you can take online technical help for Apple MacBook Air for easy upgrading from a reliable tech support providing company or visit

13-inch Macbook Air is considered as one of the most popular computers of Apple. The ultimate dropdown in its price has made its’ access with a large number of users. But, in the recent year just after its arrival two major issues have been reported by the users. Lower resolution display of 1,440 *900 and 4GB Ram has really made the users face many difficulties while using MacBook Air. Now, MacBook Air has been resolved as users have now the options increase their Ram with MacBook Air. Now, users can easily have 8 GB RAM with it and have more advanced MacBook Air.

With MacBook Air expert’s team of online technical help for Apple Mac, users can easily have the complete information for upgrading their MacBook Air of 4GB Ram into 8GB RAM. With them, users can have the complete help for upgrading their MacBook. Before 2012 also users were able to upgrade to 8GB Ram, but for that, they had to pay surcharge also along with the upgrading amount.

Apple earlier made resolution update also, as original Air had the resolution of 1,280*800 and now it has 1,440 *900 which is really perfect. This update of resolution becomes more relevant when it combines with color and viewing angles. Now, Apple recent laptop has Retina display that completely doubles the resolution of Air. Now, non-retina MacBook shows inferior display due to which users feel sometimes difficult to choose that whether they should have the laptop with good Ram of a good display. Read also

This RAM upgrading is not possible with MacBook Pro that offers more power, better display, and less weight. Now Macbook Air with 8 GB RAM has really increased the comfort to use this laptop. However, if you want to have more information on this Apple latest update then you can consult an Apple technical support team. Their support number is available 24*7, so you can dial at any moment to have the perfect resolution. Also read about Macbook Air 2017 Release and Specifications at

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