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All You Need To Know About Macbook Air 2017 Release And Specs

Support for Apple MacBook Air Help

After re-launching of MacBook as Retina MacBook and MacBook Air, Apple is now supposed to come with MacBook Air 2017 as the optimized form of MacBooks Air. When MacBook Air was launched in 2015, then users thought that the new laptop is to come with Retina display, but it was not so. Does it specify that Apple is now to come with MacBook Air with Retina display? To know about this new expected device of MacBook, you can call on toll-free number to have more details on support for technical support phone help for MacBook Air. Here, with this article you will know about the clues and hints that point towards the 2017 MacBook Air update. Let know about the rumors that create many expectations for MacBook Air 2017.

Release date of MacBooks Air

Apple on 19th April released a new updated MacBook Air but, this Air is supposed to be more advanced. Thus, its memory was increased to 8GB in 13in model. This hint that Apple is losing the MacBook Airline and thus, it is expected that 11in MacBook air is about to retire. However, if Apple focuses on 13in MacBook, then it is expected to release in 2017, possibly between months March to May.

MacBook Air is supposed to discontinue

There are rumors that Apple is not going to release an iPad Air 3and that iPad Pro in 9.7’’ where Macbook Air does not fit Apple line-up. With the arrival of 12in MacBook and 12.9iPad Pro, it is expected to discontinue 11inc MacBook Air. The iPad Pro may be considered to replace it. It may also happen that it could replace by Retina MacBook range at low cost. Read more at

Specs and new features

This new model is supposed to be lighter and thinner with internal feature modification. It seems that new MacBook Air will be featured with battery cooling module. It is also supposed to come with new Intel processor, upgraded graphic and Ram.

New dimension of MacBook Air

As with the above rumored it is expected that 11in MacBook will be discontinued and the new dimension is expected as 13and 15inc MacBook Air model. It has also been predicted that this new model will come in two versions that is MacBook at the ultraportable level and the more advanced MacBook Pro.

So, these are some of the features which are expected to come as the advanced form of MacBook Air. It services is also supposed to be more advanced as professional support phone number for Mac, which will be specially made available for MacBook Air, so you can call them at any time to get detail information for MacBook air 2017 release. Read more at

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